About Daniel

What's Up?  Thanks for checking out my site.

I am a husband, daddy, actor, and musician born and raised in south Mississippi.  A performer from childhood, I rarely miss an opportunity to entertain. Some call that being obnoxious, it kind of is.  But every artist has that performance gene in their DNA and it has to come out.

When I'm not on set filming or on stage playing music, I am indulging in family life.  My beautiful wife and amazing daughters inspire me everyday.

We have one life to live.  Dream so big that others think its stupid, and then work your butt off to get there and prove them wrong.

- Love God. Love people -




  • I'm terrified of sharks and snakes

  • I drink coffee (with honey and whipped cream) everyday

  • I used to be a good baseball player

  • I have an identical twin brother

  • I love to cook